BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Channeled Her Inner Harry Potter And Amazed With Her Magic Skills

Welcome to the wizarding world of Jisoo!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is an idol of infinite talents. She’s vocals that make you melt, dance skills that have the ability to cause your heart to skip a beat, amazing acting skills, and a knack for making fans smile just to name a few. Although Jisoo’s already the master of stealing hearts with all her talent, she just added one more to her long list!


BLACKPINK recently had a blast with fans at their Private Stage [Chapter 1] event. While there were plenty of amazing moments from their event, one that’s giving BLINKs some serious uwu vibes is Jisoo’s magic show!


During the event, Jisoo channeled her inner Harry Potter by donning some wizarding robes before she blew everyone’s mind with her adorable magic skills. She did everything from pulling a “bird” out of her robes…


To making the water in her cup completely disappear!


That’s not where Jisoo’s magic skills ended though! She also dazzled when she magically matched the lyrics locked in the box with BLINKs lyric guesses!


She brought even more magic to the stage when she performed “Stay” for BLINKs!


She further showed her magic skills by wrapping herself in her invisibility cloak and disappearing right before BLINKs’ eyes!


Thanks to all her amazing magic, Jisoo Granger has been making BLINKs fall even harder her.


But who could resist the amazing, mystical, magical, and incredibly talented Jisoo!