BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Edited Her Instagram Post Just To Give BLINK A Special Thank You Hashtag

Jisoo created it just for BLINK!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has never been shy about showing BLINK just how much she loves them and after finding out about her birthday hashtag, Jisoo even created a special hashtag just to show fans even more love!


When the clock struck midnight KST on January 3, fans all over the world joined together to wish BLACKPINK’s Jisoo a very happy birthday! To celebrate, fans used the special hashtag #OurHappinessJISOODay and the hashtag quickly reached one million tweets! So when Jisoo went online to talk to fans, BLINK wanted to let her know about the hashtag and how much love she received from fans all over the world.


Shortly before she had gone headed to chat with fans, she stopped by Instagram and posted an adorable selca along with a thank you message to BLINK for celebrating with her. But after she learned about the hashtag, she went back to her post just to add her own special #나의행복_블링크_고마워 (MyHappiness_BLINK_ThankYou) hashtag!

It’s late, but I’m really thankful to and love BLINK and all the people who celebrated my birthday with me. There were more people who wished me a happy birthday than I expected so I think I’ll be able to do well and be happier this year. I will work hard to spread this happiness I received in 2020. Once again, I love you. #20200103 #MyHappiness_BLINK_ThankYou

— Jisoo


When BLINK realized that Jisoo had made the edit to her post, they were filled with even more love for her!


In addition to that incredibly sweet edit, Jisoo also showed just how much she loves BLINK by uploading a heartwarming Instagram story thanking BLINK as well as thanking fans on CH+ as well!


Sweet doesn’t even begin to describe Jisoo!