BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals Whether They Ever Go Online To Look At Fans’ Feedback

Jisoo gave an honest answer.

K-Pop fans are constantly reacting and providing feedback to their favorite artists.

During a recent interview with ForbesHugh McIntyre, BLACKPINK were asked if they ever go online to see what BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fandom) are saying about them.

Speaking of your fans, it’s impossible to talk about Blackpink without talking about Blinks. Do you ever go online and see what they’re saying about a new song or a video? Or maybe there’s some news story that happened and they’re getting heated about it. How tuned into what they’re saying are you all?

— Hugh McIntyre


Jisoo revealed that they’re always listening to their fans’ feedback and monitoring their responses, especially now since they can’t meet them physically. Jisoo also shared that they try to respond to the feedback they receive as much as possible.

Yes, we always listen to our fans’ feedback and monitor their responses because in these times, especially when we can’t meet them face to face, the feedback we get through social media is more valuable. So we want to use it and respond to it as much as possible.

— Jisoo

Source: Forbes