BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Left Fans Gasping For Air With Her Stunning Visuals And Hilarious Tarzan Reference

Tarzan Jisoo came to play with everyone’s heart:

Not only is BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo an expert in leaving fans breathless with her gorgeous visuals, but she’s also a master at leaving them breathless with her adorable personality and sense of humor. And when she decides to combine both of those traits, well, you better prepare some extra oxygen!

On February 28, Jisoo blessed fans with a set of stunning selcas that highlighted Jisoo’s goddess visuals.

Dressed in a Dior striped dress, Jisoo stole everyone’s breath!

While Jisoo’s heart-fluttering visuals were already making it more than a little hard to breathe, Jisoo came in with a second attack as she captioned the picture simply with, “Tarzan Jisoo.”

Although the caption may have seemed a bit random at first, it was actually a brilliant play on the original jungle theme of the fashion show her dress had first appeared in!

As BLINKs took in the caption and the reason behind it, they couldn’t help acknowledging the brilliance of her caption while still cracking up hard at it too!

You’ve got to love Jisoo!

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