BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals Her Bold Childhood Hairstyle Was Inspired By Her Pet

Jisoo really did THAT because of her dog.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo always sports her long, silky hair…but according to her, it wasn’t always this way.

She reveals her quest to change her hair began in elementary school when she was in fifth grade.

She was inspired to get a perm and her parents were very supportive of the idea.

My parents loved it. They thought it was like a poodle.

— Jisoo

What gave her this idea? She was inspired by none other than her family’s poodle!

Our family dog is a poodle. Pokie. I wanted a poodle perm like Pokie.

— Jisoo

Can you imagine Jisoo with curly hair? Judging by the few times she’s emerged with wavy hair, she is totally gorgeous in any style!

Watch Jisoo tell the full story below!