Here’s Why BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Absolutely Refuses To Bring Jennie To A Deserted Island With Her

Jisoo is that one brutally honest friend. 🤣

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo keeps it real! When she answered which member she would take with her to a deserted island, she didn’t hesitate to tell the truth.

While Jisoo took a minute to think about, Rosé and Lisa campaigned for themselves as the best member.

However, Jisoo already knew one thing for certain!

I am not going to take Jennie for sure.

— Jisoo

Jisoo knows how much work bringing Jennie might be! For her own peace of mind, she can’t go through with it.

If I bring her, I’ll have to take care of her!

— Jisoo

Jennie used all of her cuteness to try and convince Jisoo but she refused to change her answer!

Jisoo’s real choice? She couldn’t choose between Rosé and Lisa.

It doesn’t really matter between both. Both are really healthy. They will work great.

— Jisoo

Being strong and healthy definitely worked to their advantage!

When Jennie tried one last attempt, Jisoo gave her some hilarious advice.

You just stay in Seoul. Don’t go to the deserted island.

— Jisoo

It’s okay: Jisoo and Jennie belong together in Seoul, anyways!