BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Thoughtfully Fixing Jennie’s Face Mask Will Make You Feel All Kinds Of Soft

Jisoo is the most thoughtful unnie around:

With so many nasty bugs going around lately, many idols have been using face masks whenever they go out. But a mask is only helpful if worn properly so when BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo realized Jennie‘s mask wasn’t on right, she showed what a caring unnie she truly is!

On January 21, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie recently headed to Fukuoka, Japan ahead of their Dome Tour finale. While Jisoo and Rosé both wore face masks, Jennie had noticeably decided to forgo the mask.

Although Jennie had decided to not wear a face mask at first, as they made their way through the airport Jisoo was determined to get Jennie to put one on. With so much determination, pretty soon Jennie couldn’t help but do what her unnie asked and slipped a mask onto her face.

Now that Jisoo was fully satisfied that Jennie was wearing a mask, she had to make sure everything was good. Checking the mask, she soon realized it was slightly off and in a flash, Jisoo was reaching out to fix it for Jennie.

After a quick tug, Jisoo checked again and directed Jennie to make one final adjustment.

Seeing Jisoo so concerned for Jennie and immediately making sure she was wearing her mask correctly has been warming everyone’s heart.

Jisoo is the most thoughtful unnie around!