BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Lists Down Characteristics About Lisa That She Wants To “Copy” From Her

Can you guess what Jisoo said?

The BLACKPINK members are each other’s biggest fans! In celebration of their fifth anniversary, the girls held a live broadcasts where they talked about everything from their favorite outfits to the newest member of Lisa’s L Family. They also discussed what they love about each other.

BLACKPINK | Naver Live

When it was Jisoo‘s turn, she was tasked with listing the traits of Lisa that she’d like to imitate. The dancer was so excited, she did a cute little shimmy dance which made Jisoo point out that that was exactly what she wanted!

Lisa, you are…oh, oh what is that? That’s it! That’s it! I want to be similar just like that. High energy.

— Jisoo

The oldest member also noted that Lisa is “a model,” something the other member proved with her spontaneous poses.

Of course, Jisoo couldn’t leave out just how good Lisa is at dancing! She even commented that she’s blessed to be a BLACKPINK member just because she can watch her dance up close.

[She’s] so talented, a dancing machine. Lisa just dances so well. I feel this more when I watch her dance in person. It’s more amazing if you see her dance in person, not on screen. I can have these opportunities because I’m BLACKPINK.

— Jisoo

Jisoo couldn’t help but praise her profusely, “Whenever I watch her dance, I think she still has hidden dance skills.” She recommended to BLINKs, “You should come to a BLACKPINK concert. It’s a lot of fun to watch Lisa dance.”

We love their friendship!

Source: YouTube