BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Claimed Her #1 Fan Status With Her Sweet Support Of Lisa’s Latest Video

Jisoo is Lisa’s biggest fan!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is back with a brand new Lilifilm and when Jisoo saw it, she made sure to promote it in true Jisoo fashion!


Lisa just blessed us all with a brand new video on her YouTube channel showcasing her stunning dance skills and, once again, leaving us feeling seriously attacked!


But where Lisa has been stealing everyone’s breath away with her amazing skills, Jisoo has been doing it an altogether different way! Being the supportive unnie she is, Jisoo sent out a message via her Instagram letting everyone know that they should be watching Lisa’s new video!


Jisoo’s message has not only been cracking BLINKs up but it’s also been warming everyone’s heart! And BLINKs aren’t the only ones feeling this way! Lisa also reacted with a whole lot of laughter and love over Jisoo’s Instagram story!


This certainly isn’t the first time that Jisoo has shown her support for Lisa. She’s been caught multiple times dropping comments on Lisa’s posts, cutely copying her favorite Lisa moves during livestreams, and hyping her onstage! With this latest sweet show of support added to the list, there’s no doubt that Jisoo has fully claimed her no. 1 fan status!