Jisoo Couldn’t Stop Teasing Lisa During BLACKPINK’s “Stage K” Interview

As MC, Jisoo just couldn’t help herself!

BLACKPINK recently gave a mini-interview ahead of their Stage K broadcast in June and Jisoo leading the way, they answered all sorts of questions from their favorite choreography to their hardest!


But with Jisoo acting as special MC, BLACKPINK were in for a very wild ride! When Jisoo got to the question about what each of them was looking forward to the most on the Stage K program…


Rosé answered with the “Playing With Fire” stage…

I can’t wait for the ‘Playing With Fire’ stage!

— Rosé


While Jennie and Lisa both agreed on “Whistle”!

I’m looking forward to ‘Whistle’.

— Jennie and Lisa


With Jisoo claiming the “BOOMBAYAH” stage as her own, she cutely pointed out that Jennie and Lisa had to have two different ones!

You guys have to pick a different one!

— Jisoo


Much to everyone’s amusement, Jisoo tried out the question again…only to have Lisa answer back with “BOOMBAYAH!


— Lisa


Hearing her answer, Jisoo couldn’t help teasing Lisa for her pick! After cutely teasing their maknae, Jisoo quickly wrapping things up by declaring “Whistle” as the unanimous vote!

I already picked that one! Let’s just move on. ‘Whistle’ is our choice.

— Jisoo


Check out the cute teasing moment, as well as many more, in the video below!