BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Once Called Lisa “Lazy” And Their Reactions Were Everything


As BLINKs know well, BLACKPINK is a genuinely close group! Maknae Lisa and eldest Jisoo are especially not afraid to get real with each other.

In an online broadcast with just the two members, a fan asked Lisa to update her YouTube channel Lilifilm Official more often.

Lisa unnie, hope you can update a lot of videos on Lilifilm.


Jisoo’s immediate reaction was to turn up her nose and comment how unlikely that would be.

She’s so lazy.

– Jisoo

In Jisoo’s eyes, Lisa does not have the drive to make and post more videos!


– Jisoo

Lisa couldn’t believe what she was hearing, laughing aloud and bumping the older member with her shoulder.

Yo, unnie! Yo! What do you mean?

– Lisa

Jisoo even made a relatable nickname that combined the maknae‘s name with the adjective.

Lazisa. Lazisafilm.

– Jisoo

The full video also shows how contrary to what the general public may think, Jisoo is actually very proficient in English.

As the moments below further prove, the two really have a close friendship!

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