BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Once Rated Her Face Out Of 100 — And Her Answer Is Totally Unexpected

What do you think she graded herself?

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is as known for her visuals as she is for her talent. With her small face, large eyes, and symmetrical features, she’s a beauty that turns heads everywhere she goes.

But while netizens may think highly of her visuals, Jisoo is much more humble.

She revealed in a 2017 interview with MBC‘s FM4U‘s radio that she has a different opinion from her fans.

When asked to rate her face over one hundred, she gave herself an eighty! Even her fellow BLACKPINK members were surprised, reminding her, “But it’s over 100.”

When Kim Shin Young commented that her score was too low, she defended her answer further.

[I rated myself 80/100] because I know my bare face without makeup. I took off 20 points due to that.

– Jisoo

This prompted the host to ask who in their opinion is the prettiest in BLACKPINK without makeup. After thinking for only a second, Jisoo declared Rosé the prettiest!

Flustered, Rosé asked for her reasoning.

Rosé: I’m touched. Why me?

Jisoo: She wants to hear it! She’s very cute. She’s like a baby.

So if you’ve ever wanted to see what an 80/100 face looks like, look no further than Jisoo.

That is…if you trust her opinion!