BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals The Most Memorable Gift She Received From A Fan

“I still wonder how the fan brought [it].”

As one of the most popular girl groups around the world, BLACKPINK has many fans. As a result, they receive all kinds of gifts from them, such as the time Lisa hilariously received nasal spray based on one of the group’s inside jokes.

Wanting to know what was the most memorable gift Jisoo received from a fan, Vogue Korea asked. It turned out to be one that she still doesn’t know how they managed to bring her.

Upon first hearing the question, Jisoo needed a long moment to quickly sort through everything she’s received, finding one that stuck out from the rest. It didn’t take long.

During one of their fan signings, Jisoo remembered, “Someone brought a giant stuffed rabbit.” So that everyone could visualize just how gigantic it was, she spread her arms wide in the shape of it.

It was so big that she wondered how they managed it. With a bright smile, she said, “I’m not even sure how they brought it to the venue.” She’s never forgotten about it, though.

In fact, she confessed, “I still have that at home.” Every time she looks at the stuffed rabbit, she fondly thinks about how the fan went through the trouble of bringing it for her.

Jisoo loves all the gifts fans bring them, no matter how big or small. There’s always at least one gift that strikes a chord to become something memorable, though.

It wasn’t the gift that stood out most; it was how they’d managed to bring it. Can you imagine a fan carrying around a gigantic stuffed rabbit? That would indeed be a sight to see. Listen to Jisoo recall the hefty and iconic fan gift here.