BLACKPINK Jisoo’s New Hobby Made Rosé Call Her Brave—Here’s Why

It’s not something many idols would do.

BLACKPINK was the star of a recent partnership with Indonesian brand Tokopedia. In one schedule with them, they performed several songs from The Album and sat down for a short interview.

| Tokopedia

The hosts asked the girls what their recent hobbies were. Jisoo went first, saying that for some reason she has fun looking at their own videos from the last few years!

I recently watched old clips of us on TV.

— Jisoo

Her members immediately reacted with a mix of surprise and confusion!

Rosé couldn’t help but comment, “Wow, that’s really a sign of courage” since it’s difficult for idols to watch their old works as they have the natural tendency to critique them.

Jisoo explained that she was curious about their past and what BLINKs upload online.

I watched some old clips or clips made by fans.

— Jisoo

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo during her debut era

She didn’t regret it one bit, especially since it made her understand their fans even better!

I felt like a BLINK watching that.

— Jisoo

Though the other members weren’t inclined to pick up Jisoo’s hobby, they still supported her!

For more BLACKPINK content, watch the full video below!


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