BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Saved A Cameraman From Falling

She didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

As Dior‘s global ambassador and worldwide icon, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo made waves when appearing at the brand’s runway show for Paris Fashion Week. Despite all of the things happening when she left the runway show, Jisoo gained attention for saving a cameraman from getting hurt.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

As Jisoo made her way to the car, she happily posed for pictures from photographers and fans. While security was focusing on keeping Jisoo safe, the idol was also worried about those around her and noticed a cameraman was close to hurting himself. Holding out a hand, Jisoo warned him of the danger.

Since the cameraman hadn’t been paying too close attention, Jisoo did the gesture a second time, causing her security guards to do the same. Though Jisoo handled it calmly and gracefully, she had a good reason for warning the cameraman.

Seeing the interaction from a different angle, it turned out the cameraman had been very close to the edge of a high step that would’ve hurt if he fell. Thanks to Jisoo, he ended up stepping down safely and alerted the other cameraman to watch out for the high step as well.

| @hvmanguccii/Twitter

Since all of the cameramen and photographers were desperate to snap photos of Jisoo, it was chaotic as they jumped over the high step, bumped into each other, and ran back and forth to follow her.

| @hvmanguccii/Twitter

Fortunately, Jisoo showed how thoughtful and caring she is by helping to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves.

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Check out Jisoo saving the cameraman from taking a rough tumble here.

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