BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Couldn’t Help But Throw Shade At Her Members…Behind Their Backs

Jisoo was hilarious in this episode!

The third episode of BLACKPINK‘s reality show 24/365 With BLACKPINK was released on July 18 to the excitement of BLINKs all over the world. The girls took on different “roles” during an outing as if they were part of a company and not a girl group.

Jennie was a director, Lisa was a senior manager, Rosé was a manager, and Jisoo was a newbie staff member. For one reason or another, their characters were oddly perfect for each member.

Despite being the lowest rank of all them all, Jisoo couldn’t help but throw shade at the other members behind their backs.


When Senior Manager Lisa tried feeding Director Jennie macarons, she was scolded for making the latter look unflattering in front of the camera. Lisa then tried to give her smaller pieces but failed when she accidentally dropped some on the director’s lap.

Staff member Jisoo had a succinct but meaningful thing to say when interviewed by the crew.

Senior Manager LA knows absolutely nothing. She just has the title of senior manager.

– Jisoo

This was a 180 degree change from the high praise Lisa gave Jisoo earlier in the episode. It turns out receiving a compliment does not ensure she’ll give one in return.

She was really enthusiastic today, and I thought she won’t get into any trouble with Director Jennie.

– Lisa

This wasn’t the only time Jisoo threw shade at her members. She did it again to the most unexpected one: the most valuable person in the room, Director Jennie!

Jisoo found Jennie’s karaoke choice terrible, especially after doing her best to get the mood high with her own singing and dancing.

To be honest, I had lifted up the mood right before her. Was she serious with ‘I have a lover’?

– Jisoo

Despite Jisoo’s efforts to make the outing fun, Jennie ruined the atmosphere in one go.

I shook the tambourine like there was no tomorrow. But she made even that impossible with that slow song. I was slightly shocked.

– Jisoo

Jisoo may have done her best as a staff manager, but she was not fully impressed with the other’s work! If you want to see more of her antics, check out the full episode below.