Jisoo Turned Into A Rap Goddess During BLACKPINK’s Macau Concert

Is there anything Jisoo can’t do?

BLACKPINK have been leaving fans with some of the best memories ever as they travel the world on their In Your Area tour and their latest stop in Macau was no different, especially with the appearance of rap goddess Jisoo!


During their latest stop in Macau during their world tour, BLACKPINK left the whole crowd cheering with their stunning performances, amazing interactions with fans, and infectious energy.


While the entire concert was filled with amazing moments, when Jisoo decided to spit some fire of her own everybody went wild!


During BLACKPINK’s performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, Jisoo surprised everyone by taking on Jennie’s legendary rap part…


And she totally killed it!


Her delivery was flawless and left BLINKs everywhere cheering for their newest rap goddess!


This isn’t the first time that Jisoo has left everyone seriously impressed with her own rap skills, but it’s certainly a new fan favorite!


Additionally, her actions have been melting hearts since Jisoo took on Jennie’s part because Jennie was reportedly feeling unwell during the concert! Flawless dancer, sweet vocalist, and rap goddess is there anything that Jisoo can’t do!


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