BLACKPINK Jokingly Reveal The “Drawback” Of Being With Each Other All The Time

The members love being playful with each other!

The BLACKPINK members are extremely playful and have no problem teasing each other during broadcasts.

During their recent Twitter Blueroom LIVE, the members jokingly shared the “drawback” of being with each other all the time.

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

At the beginning of the live broadcast, the BLACKPINK members were asked how they were doing, and Jennie shared that they’ve been quite busy with their packed schedules.

Jennie then shared that due to their packed schedules, the members have been seeing each other every single day. After Jennie shared this, Rosé joked that they were “getting sick and tired of seeing each other.”

After Rosé said this, the other members laughed and played along with the joke, stating they were “sick” of being with each other all the time, which caused all of them to burst with laughter again.

Here’s the full video below!