BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had A Savage Response About Jisoo’s Height

Lisa is quite the savage maknae!

The BLACKPINK members can be quite the savages to each other, as there have been plenty of moments where they have playfully dissed each other. One member who is quiet the savage is the maknae (youngest), Lisa.

BLACKPINK recently sat down for an interview with YouTube channel The Swoon, where they were asked various questions. One question they were asked was, “Who snacks the most all day long?

The members gave a variety of answers, with every member getting at least one vote except for Jennie.

Lisa explained that she chose Rosé since she’s always silently eating something.

Jisoo, who chose Lisa, stated that Lisa always has “emergency” chocolates in her bag for when she gets hungry and that she eats them quite often.

Rosé then stated that she chose Jisoo since she’s always drinking milk. There are even times where the two would be conversing, and Jisoo would get up to go get her milk.


It turns out that Jisoo is drinking all this milk since she wants to get taller.

Once Jisoo confessed this, Lisa had a savage response by saying, “Jisoo, your height has already stopped growing.” However, Jisoo quickly replied by telling Lisa, “Hey! Not yet!

Here’s the full video below!