BLINKs Rediscovered A Video Of A Stewardess Rocking Out To BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” On A Flight

BLINKs are loving the blast from the past:

When BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” dropped, it immediately topped charts, broke records, and stole everyone’s heart. With fans loving the song so much, of course, many fans put on their dancing shoes and learned all the moves to the song including one flight attendant BLINK!


BLINK have rediscovered one clip of a flight attendant from AirAsia rocking out to “Kill This Love” while on a plane!


The original clip was shared back in May and it quickly went viral on various platforms as BLINKs took in all of the stewardess’ flawless moves.


A few weeks ago, the clip made a reappearance, and since then BLINKs have once again been talking about her powerful “Kill This Love” performance for the passengers on the flight.


If only all flights had an amazing performance of “Kill This Love”!