This Judge Guessed BLACKPINK Lisa’s Age…And You Won’t Believe What He Said

This will make you wheeze.

Lisa of BLACKPINK’s youthful beauty gives her a sweet and innocent appearance…but it can make guessing her real age near impossible.

Yoga Lin, Lisa’s fellow judge on YouthWithYou, fell victim to her youthful appearance when he asked her about her age.

He said that Lisa looks so young that he wasn’t even sure if she was an adult yet.

“Are you 18 already?”

— Yoga Lin

Lisa’s baby face didn’t help when he tried to guess her age!

When he finally guessed a number, the others burst out laughing.

I don’t know…16?

— Yoga Lin

Lisa lets him know her actual birth year and stuns the other judges, as well.

I was born in 1997.

— Lisa

This makes her international age 23 years old and her Korean age 24 years old.

Would you have guessed Lisa is in her mid/early twenties or did her baby face throw you off?

Watch the full clip below where the judges hilariously guess everyone’s age!