BLACKPINK Lisa’s Attempts At Hiding Her Exposed Forehead Made BLINKs Soft

Lisa tried her hardest to hide her exposed forehead:

Thanks to BLACKPINK Lisa‘s iconic unshakable bangs, it’s a very rare sight to see Lisa’s forehead exposed but every once in awhile BLINKs will get a peek at her forehead. But it wasn’t the appearance of Lisa’s forehead at the airport that had fans feeling all sorts of emotions, it was Lisa’s reaction to the sudden exposure!

During one Incheon airport sighting, Lisa’s unshakeable bangs encountered a gust of wind that was so powerful it moved her bangs.

When Lisa felt her bangs part, she quickly threw her hand up in an attempt to keep them in place but not before BLINKs got to see the rare appearance.

Sensing that she’d been caught, Lisa looked around to see how many people had seen before she cutely putting up her finger like she was telling everyone to keep it a secret!

At the time, Lisa’s actions made BLINKs everywhere soft but it didn’t end there. Fans are still absolutely loving how adorable the moment was!

But that’s Lisa for you! The cutest idol around!