BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had The Best Reaction To Two Kids Randomly Dancing In Front Of Her During A Fansign

Lucky kids!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is considered one of the top dancers in K-Pop history. Her moves are always precise and graceful no matter what kind of dance she’s doing.

This is why it’s such a big deal when Lisa gives her seal of approval to another dancer.

When she was the mentor of IQIYI‘s Youth With You, it seemed like she doled out more advice than praise, giving her a “strict mentor” image that her fellow BLACKPINK members loved.

When she did find someone praise-worthy, however, she wasn’t shy to show her awe and give compliments.

Another time Lisa gave her stamp of approval was when she had the Moonshot press conference and fanmeeting event in Bangkok, Thailand, last 2019.

Two little girls approached her table and decided to shoot their shot with the idol. As soon as the music played aloud, they turned around and showed everyone what they can do. Lisa was immediately intrigued!

The girls danced to “KILL THIS LOVE” right in front of the crowd and press. Lisa was so impressed, she even got up from her chair to see them better.

Her jaw was left hanging for the entire dance routine. BLACKPINK’s main dancer especially loved the high kick they did similar to her own part of the choreography.

She even made a thumbs up to signify her approval.

Lisa gave the two girls a high five and a smile when the short but memorable show was over.

They were definitely two lucky and talented fans!