BLACKPINK Knows All About Lisa’s Strict Mentor Image—Here’s Their Hilarious Reactions

Jisoo was the funniest!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa previously made headlines with her strict mentor image on the IQIYI survival program Youth With You Season 2.

As their sole dance mentor, she took her job seriously when teaching the trainees.

Lisa acknowledged this position in the group’s newest reality show 24/365 with BLACKPINK. When asked to greet the viewers with her aegyo, she refused on the grounds of changing her image.

I took on the role of a strict mentor [on the Chinese survival program]. That’s why I can’t do cute stuff because of the image.

– Lisa

Jisoo asked her to show a strict image instead. Lisa relented and greeted fans with a curt nod of her head, with her members laughing at the sight.

Jisoo couldn’t help remarking, “She became a tiger.”

Rosé added that language was another factor that made their maknae more frightening.

I’ve noticed she’s even scarier when she speaks in Thai.

– Rosé

Apparently all BLACKPINK members watched Lisa on the show! Jennie commented, “I’ve watched it too” while Jisoo even re-enacted a famous scene of Lisa’s from Youth With You.

There’s no need to be sorry to me. You should be sorry to your members.

– Jisoo copying Lisa

Those were the very words Lisa used that gave thousands of viewers chills!

Lisa couldn’t help but laugh shyly, asking to move on from the segment.

Her legacy as a strict mentor will live on—at least through her members!