BLACKPINK’s Lisa Confesses She Was Homesick For 3 Months Straight After Coming To Korea

“I often called my mom and cried.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been giving the trainees on season two of Youth With You more than tips to improve their dancing.

She gives them tools on how to handle situations they’ll encounter throughout their training.

In a recent episode, Lisa opened up about what she’d felt when first moving to Korea from Thailand to become a trainee.

When she first came, she was as happy as can be to finally work towards her dream of being a K-Pop star.

Although she was super young, Lisa was proud of herself for making the move, “At the beginning, I thought I was a kid. I was very young. But since it was the first time that I traveled away from my home, I felt that I was awesome and cool.”

She soon found out her age wasn’t what she had to worry about, though.

The dreamy feeling of traveling wore off and the reality of how far she was from home set in. She couldn’t face that alone, finding comfort in her family.

She explained, “But after I got there, I found that actually it was hard. Then, I called my parents. I felt sometimes we needed others’ support.”

Lisa confessed she’d been overwhelmed with homesickness the first few months she’d spent there. Being so young and far from home, it caused her to contact her mom and gain comfort from her.

She revealed, “During the first three months, I often called my mom and cried. But after that, I got much better. I could adjust myself very quickly.”

Using her experience as an example, Lisa reinforced the importance of having a source of strength to keep pushing through the tough times that come with being a trainee along with venting those emotions:

But no matter what, I think as long as [you have] others’ support, we can…overcome difficulties and hardships.

From that young girl who sought strength from her mother to a well-known star, Lisa has come a long way. See her open up and share wise advice with the trainees here.


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