Why BLACKPINK’s Lisa Couldn’t Help But Squeal Because Of A Trainee In “Youth With You”

There’s a specific reason why she was so affected.

IQIYI‘s Youth With You 2 is hyping up its first episode with photo and video teasers.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, a dance mentor on the survival program, looked stunning in a simple zebra-print dress.

She also showed how she could be a strict mentor as she looked over the trainee’s information.

One of the video teasers of Youth With You 2 showed a fresh side of Lisa, however, as she squealed over a competitor’s song choice.

Trainee Wang Xinyu, who is known for her cute voice and appearance, sang a portion of the song “Sticky Note With Wishes”.

When Cai Xukun, the Youth Representative of the show, asked Lisa if she recognized the cover, she had a ready response.

Cai Xukun: Have you heard this song before?

Lisa: I heard this one before!

– Exchange between Lisa and Cai Xukun

Lisa apparently used Wang Xinyu’s cover of “Sticky Note With Wishes” for her hand dance video.

She certainly seemed enthralled during the entire performance.

The first episode of Youth With You 2 will air on March 12 through IQIYI.

Check out the full preview below:

Source: Youth With You Subs