BLACKPINK’s Lisa Cries Seeing Lu Keran Beat The Odds On “Youth With You”

Those happy tears were well-deserved for everything they’ve been through.

With season two of Youth With You finally coming to a close with the finale, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was able to see how her training has helped the trainees growing.

In particular, she tearfully saw how she’d pushed Lu Keran to beat the odds and come out on top.

After the show revealed the rankings of the eight members that would be in the final group, there was one spot left. It belonged to Lu Keran. Once she heard her name, she couldn’t control the emotions, covering her face. She wasn’t the only one touched by the celebratory moment.

Lisa was just as emotional. She couldn’t hide how happy she was to see the idol make it into the final group and receive the attention she deserved. Lisa instantly cried out while covering her face, reaching for a tissue to wipe her tears.

As Lisa held the tissue up to her eye, you could see her laughing and smiling like a proud parent from how positively the situation turned out for Lu Keran. The win was made sweeter by the fact that Lu Keran hadn’t broken into the top nine rankings until the finale. There was another reason why Lisa had been so excited.

Since the very first episode of Youth With You, when Lisa agreed on Lu Keran’s sexy dancing, she’s had a soft spot for the trainee and fellow idol. Despite Lisa’s tough love, the sentiment was returned.

Lu Keran revealed how valuable Lisa’s training and words of advice had been to her, pushing her to adopt those lessons in future situations.

I didn’t dance well, then mentor Lisa told me this, ‘I know you really don’t want to do this. This isn’t a style that you’re strong at, but you must do it.’ She also said, ‘Don’t sleep today.’ She just said this. Afterward, I realized that she woke me up in an instant… I took her words with me…

That’s why Lisa had been so happy about Lu Keran’s success that she couldn’t hold back the joyful tears. Seeing someone you’ve watched and helped improve finally be rewarded for it would make anyone emotional.