Meet The K-Pop Idol Who Made It To The Final Lineup Of “Youth With You”

She’s known as an androgynous idol.

IQIYI‘s hit survival program Youth With You Season 2 aired its final episode last May 30. Known internationally for being the show BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was a mentor in, it produced nine talented idols.

While everyone in the final lineup is Chinese, there is one trainee who debuted in the K-Pop industry back in 2017.

This is none other than Lu Keran also known as K!

She’s part of TOV Entertainment‘s girl group Fanxy Red which was the first androgynous K-Pop group.

Lu Keran (left) and Fanxy Red

Originally under the name Acrush, the girls featured in a documentary where they explained their unique selling point: “China’s only all-girl boy group”.

With her maturity and big sister aura, Lu Keran was the leader of Fanxy Red.

She joined Youth With You with her friend and group mate Marco Lin, entertaining viewers with their antics.

They had a precious friendship that fans loved until the end.

One reason why Lu Keran has so many fans is because she’s not afraid to break gender stereotypes and be who she is.

Sometimes I act like a little girl, and I have some pink clothes. But to be honest, I lean more towards unisex because it feels comfortable when I dress this way. I don’t feel restrained. I quite like it.

– Lu Keran

She can be cool…

…and she can be sexy.

She was even made center of the confident song “No Company”.

Lu Keran ended the show at 9th place, the final member to join THE9 with 3,788,898 votes.

She was understandably emotional at the win!

She debuted with Liu Yuxin, Esther Yu, Kiki Xu, Yu Yan, Shaking, Babymonster An, Zhao Xiaotang and Snow Kong.

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