BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Thanked By Destiny Rogers For “Changing Her Life” After Using Her Song “Tomboy”

This isn’t the first time she expressed her gratitude.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and American singer Destiny Rogers finally talked to each other directly.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @destinyrogers/Instagram

Destiny Rogers shared a clip of her video call with the BLACKPINK dancer where she expressed her gratitude for “Tomboy” being used in the latest Lilifilm update.

She captioned the post, “finally got the chance to personally thank @lalalalisa_m for this new #TOMBOY wave and even sent her the remix last week ❤️❤️❤️”

Lisa danced to “Tomboy” in her YouTube video “The Movie” which amassed over 46 million views within a month.

During the video call, the two artists excitedly fangirled over each other. Destiny used the time to express her heartfelt gratitude towards Lisa for “changing her life.”

Destiny Rogers: Thank you so much for everything, for using my song.

Lisa: No, your song is so cool.

Destiny Rogers: Oh my god, thank you. Thank you so much. You literally changed my life, I’m not even kidding. The song is, like, blowing up everywhere!

Thanks to Lisa, “Tomboy” peaked at #12 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Global chart. It was originally released two years ago in 2019.

Though Lisa did not seem to want the praise, Destiny thanked her profusely.

Lisa: I heard that, I heard that.

Destiny Rogers: That’s so great. I just want to say thank you, like seriously.

Lisa: No, no.

Destiny Rogers: I have to!

Right after “The Movie” went live, the American singer fangirled over it, saying, “Showin love back…thank you everyone for loving the record!”