BLACKPINK Lisa’s Unexpected Diet And Fitness Routine

This is how she gets in shape!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is known for her slender and strong physique. From years of dancing, she’s totally in shape!

However, she doesn’t just look healthy, she is healthy, according to all of the information she has revealed about her health and fitness.

When it comes to fitness, her concerts give her a total workout which is usually enough for her.

When she’s not touring, she may do Pilates and practice dancing for a workout. Plus, she always takes her vitamins!

For her diet, she revealed that she actually doesn’t have to diet. She’s just naturally blessed with a model phsyique!

Additionally, she doesn’t starve herself. She once told “Youth With You 3” trainees that it’s important to have a full stomach while practicing intensely for a performance.

If you don’t have anything to eat, you don’t have energy.

— Lisa

We stan a healthy queen!