The Time BLACKPINK’s Lisa Fangirled Over One TREASURE Member

He’s one of their visuals.

BLACKPINK and TREASURE may not have too many interactions, but they were once connected through an important event: YG TREASURE BOX. BLACKPINK, their renowned seniors, were invited to judge the contestant’s individual talents.

The people they picked would eventually get the chance to challenge the temporary “TREASURE” members in a vocal, dance, or rap duel.

It was a fun time for the girls, and they didn’t hold back with their comments.

Jisoo: Please don’t impersonate a kid!

Jennie: Him eating jelly got me attached.

Some special contestants got individual attention from the members themselves. Lisa in particular couldn’t help but get distracted from their skills because of their visuals!

This happened with TREASURE vocalist and Japanese member Asahi!

As soon as he entered the screen and introduced himself, Lisa casually praised him.

He’s cute!

— Lisa

Her members couldn’t help but laugh at her spontaneous comment. When Asahi showed off his special talent of changing expressions in the blink of an eye, everyone in BLACKPINK was amused.

With his quirky personality and outstanding visuals, he left a positive impression on them all!

That was great! He’s saved to my heart.


Though he wasn’t chosen to perform later that episode, Asahi debuted in TREASURE and became known as one of their visuals. He caught netizens’ eyes with his soft looks and prince-like features.

Check out BLACKPINK’s full appearance on YG TREASURE BOX below!

Source: YouTube