A TREASURE Member Is Gaining Attention From K-Netizens For His Stunning Visuals

“The most outstanding handsome guy on stage today!” — K-Netizen

YG Entertainment’s new boy group TREASURE has recently debuted with their song “BOY.” However, one member’s visuals stole K-Netizens’ attention.

You may first think of charismatic rapper Haruto, but it’s surprisingly not him.

Cutie Junghwan may also come to mind, but not this time. So, who could the member with rising popularity be?

If you guessed Asahi — a.k.a the blonde with the smouldering glare — you’re correct!

Asahi is one of TREASURE’s vocalists and one of four Japanese members.

Upon first impression, Asahi is introverted and reserved, but his gorgeous visuals speak loud and clear.


However, once you get to know him, you can see his loving personality underneath!


He’s the most handsome in Treasure.

That’s right, he caught my attention the most.

He has Jungkook vibes.

— TheQoo K-Netizens

Asahi is very creative and loves to compose music. He has a serious knack for drawing and his artistic skills are beyond impressive.

| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter
| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

With Asahi’s new blonde hair, fans couldn’t help but swoon the moment they saw him during TREASURE’s debut stage!

The most outstanding handsome guy on stage today!

Woah, handsome!

— TheQoo K-Netizens

Check out TREASURE’s debut music video “BOY” and decide for yourself if Asahi or another member catches your eye!

Source: TheQoo