BLACKPINK’s Lisa Got Scars From Holding This Pose, But Says It Was All Worth It

She worked so hard!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa broke the internet with her visual teasers for her solo, “LALISA!” This set in particular took the internet by storm for its unique concept and of course Lisa’s visuals. In a recent interview, Lisa revealed what it was like getting that shot!

Lisa from BLACKPINK in a visual trailer for “LALISA.” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

Lisa did her first official Thai interview with Woody earlier this week where she talked about her experience as a Thai K-Pop idol, her love for her pets, and her solo debut.

| WOODY/YouTube 

Woody asked Lisa about this shot in particular where she’s holding onto a chain and swinging around. Lisa revealed that it was actually a painful experience at the time since she had to hold onto it so tight!

At the shoot…I had to hold on to the [chain]. I remember it was quite painful that day and I had scars around here. The outfit is gorgeous though, but holding this pose… it was quite painful. I can remember that — but the picture came out great so it was okay.

— Lisa

| WOODY/YouTube 

Lisa went through multiple uncomfortable moments while preparing her solo debut, like practicing her pole dancing until her ankle hurt and also spending hours out in the desert while wearing leather clothes. She worked so hard on this release, and it totally paid off!


Check out the full interview below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram