Here Was BLACKPINK Lisa’s Initial Reaction When She Saw Her “Did It Work?” Meme

People cropped pictures of their bodies into a screenshot of Lisa’s legs.

Last year, BLACKPINK Lisa‘s performance video took over the internet, but not because of her dance skills. Instead, it was her legs that were turned into a meme and spread far and wide!

Knowing this, Billboard asked Lisa in an interview about her reaction when she saw the meme (called “Did It Work?”) blow up.

Lisa knows all about it, but she was surprised that they knew of it too. They excitedly informed her that even Dolly Parton, a famous American singer-songwriter, joined the fun and helped it take off.

Dolly Parton tweeted it, how could I not! What is it like watching that blow up on the internet?

— Billboard

Lisa revealed that her first thought was, “Is that…my legs?” She then praised her fans for their impressive creativity and thanked them for helping her legs reach international stardom.

I think the fans are very creative. It was so fun to watch it. I’m glad that they were happy. And my legs became popular, so thank you!

— Lisa

Billboard joked that she knows she’s made it in life because she became a meme.

You can travel the world and play arenas, but once you’re an Internet meme? That’s when you know you’ve made it.

— Billboard

True to her humble nature, Lisa attributed all its success to BLINKs!

It’s because of my fans! BLINKs are amazing.

— Lisa

In the same interview, Lisa shared what goes through her head when she watches her trainee videos. Read about it here:

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Source: Billboard and YouTube