BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Jennie Have Totally Opposite Opinions About Raising A Kid In The Future — And It’s Not What You’d Think

Their opinions are actually the opposite, given your first impressions of them.

While the opinions of netizens about BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Lisa may vary, the fact is they’re actually good friends who care for each other wholeheartedly.

Yes, BLINKs know that Jennie and Lisaare two kindhearted souls who deserve to be “protected at all costs”.

But people who don’t know the girl group that well may consider Lisa to be incredibly friendly and supportive, given her bright smile and natural aegyo

…and they may think of Jennie as someone who looks cold and intimidating — even if it’s not true — because of her good looks and intense aura that she gives off during their photo-shoots and appearances.

Perhaps this is why it’s a bit surprising to know that they have different opinions when it comes to raising a child of their own one day?

Even though some people mistakenly think of Jennie as someone who’s “cold”, she’s actually your nice girl who’s looking forward to getting married, having kids and making a cake for her own child one day!

Lisa couldn’t hold back her expression when she thought of how cute Jennie would be if ever she became a mother one day.

On the other hand, Lisa who’s known to be overprotective of and caring to her members, said that she’s never going to make a cake for her child.

Instead, she’d just give them the money and ask them to buy one so it’s easier, right?

Their responses are actually a bit surprising, given that it’s the opposite of what some people may think of them — regardless, it’s a fact that their children will be lucky to have them as their mothers one day!

After all, they both have an inherent caring nature, as you can see from the way they take turns in taking care of each other:

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