BLACKPINK’s Lisa Describes The Kind Of Relationship Her Parents Have, And It’s Truly #Goals

To have a love like theirs 🥺

There are two people BLACKPINK‘s Lisa holds dearest to her heart—her mom and dad, of course! The “Kill This Love” rapper was raised by her Thai mother, Chitthip Brüschweiler

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (center), mom (left), and aunt (right)

…and Swiss stepfather, Marco Brüschweiler, in her homeland of Thailand.

Childhood photo of Lisa (left) and her dad (right)

Fans may recognize the two from their appearance in BLACKPINK HOUSE, a variety show that aired in 2018 and followed the daily lives of the members.

Lisa’s parents made a guest appearance on “BLACKPINK HOUSE”

Knowing how much she cares for her parents, Lisa talked about them in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

The interviewer asked, “It’s clear that family is the most important thing in your life. Who is the funniest?

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She happily explained that her dad’s humor is similar to most middle-aged men, while her mom is “affectionate and cute.” She admires the kind of relationship they share. From the looks of it, it’s undoubtedly a healthy one!

My dad has the typical middle-aged-man humor. Mom is really affectionate and cute. I love their dynamics together.

— Lisa

Lisa and her mom

Furthermore, it’s common for Lisa to see her parents have opposing reactions, which makes every day with them fun and entertaining. For example, whenever her father appears to not care about something, her mother would respond in a sweet way. Lisa would watch them from the sidelines and have a good laugh.

Daddy is like, ‘Ugh, whatever,’ while Mom goes, ‘Ooooh, Daddy.’ Just watching them makes me laugh.

— Lisa

Lisa and her dad

Her parents’ marital relationship is truly #goals, especially considering that they’ve been together for decades. Not only are they as cute as ever, they also still seem to be madly in love!

Lisa’s selfie with her parents

In the same interview, Lisa talked all about how her mom used to be in charge of managing her money…but not anymore. Learn about its advantages and disadvantages in the article below.

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Source: Rolling Stone


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