BLACKPINK’s Lisa May Hate Ghosts, But Her Binge-Watching Habits Disagree


When it comes to watching shows, Lisa loves it. Her fellow BLACKPINK members revealed that she enjoys consuming movies and shows with multiple episodes all in one sitting.

In the eleventh episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, they shared the amusing way Lisa watches certain genres. She apparently loves scary movies despite being absolutely terrified of ghosts.

Jisoo: Lisa likes horror films even though she’s scared of ghosts.

Lisa: I love ghost films and series.

According to Rosé, her attitude doesn’t match her preferences.

Yeah, she always gets scared the most with ghost stories, but always watches horror films.

— Rosé

Jisoo even acted out how Lisa would be scared with the content on television, but she’d still continue watching: “[She’s like] Oh! That’s so scary…and then what happened?”

The maknae could only sit in place and agree with their true words.

If you want to see the full 24/365 with BLACKPINK episode, check out the video below.