BLACKPINK’s Lisa Corrected Herself As A Mentor…And Netizens Are Impressed With Her Expertise

She totally changed her mind.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa showed her expertise as a knowledgeable mentor by correcting her mistake, and fans are impressed.

On YouthWithYou, Lisa is critiquing trainees’ dance practice performance, she tells one trainee that she is lagging behind the others in terms of skills.

Lisa asks her how long she has been training, to which she responds: Only two months. Lisa’s expression immediately changes.

Lisa shifts her criticism and instead points her in a hopeful direction. She says can really see potential in this trainee.

You’re just training for only two months but you’re doing this great.

— Lisa

Lisa sees that with this skill level within a two month training period, this trainee can improve leaps and bounds in the coming months.

So I think you can do more. I think you can do better.

— Lisa

Netizens reactions are impressed with Lisa’s abilities to provide feedback and be a valuable mentor.

  • “I like how Lisa corrected herself when she learned that Gia was only training for two months and acknowledged her potential. She’s a great mentor.”
  • “She could detect a newbie despite how perfect they danced. If I had a mentor like her, I’d be motivated to do better.”

She continues to receive praise from fans.

  • “Lisa is a strict, cool, and adorable mentor.”
  • “The way Lisa’s eyes move left to right so quickly, you can tell she is attentive and diligent. She’s searching for mistakes and I think that’s phenomenal how careful she is. She is a true mentor.”

What do you think of Lisa’s mentoring skills?