BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has The Most Relatable Wallpaper On Her Phone

It’s adorable 😍

In an interview for IQIYI, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa reacted to being the subject of fans’ wallpapers, and interestingly, she also shared the exact picture that she uses on her own phone!

The interviewer broached the topic by sharing how popular and well-loved Lisa is among Chinese fans, to the point where many of her friends have Lisa’s picture as their wallpaper. This made her wonder what Lisa’s own favorite photo is.

You have given a good performance on the show, so more and more Chinese friends like you. A lot of friends around me now have your picture as their wallpaper because we like you so much. We would like to know what your wallpaper is.

— iQIYI interviewer

Lisa first replied that she’s grateful for the love that she receives from Chinese fans. “I’m so glad. I’m really happy. You love me, and I’m very happy.”

She recognized that one way they show how much they like her is by making her the background picture of their phones.

You have me as your wallpaper, which must mean you like me a lot. I’m glad I can be an inspiration to them. I also thank them for their love.

— Lisa

As for her own wallpaper, she revealed that it’s none other than her beloved cat, Leo!

My wallpaper is Leo. My first cat. My wallpaper is a cat—a picture of it. It’s an avatar.

— Lisa

The picture in question is one where Leo sits regally atop a pile of blankets, the photographer—likely Lisa—taking his picture from below. Many fur parents can surely relate to how Lisa always wants to be near her beloved pet!

It just goes to show that the love she has for her cats is as strong as ever!

Get to know more about Lisa in the full interview below.


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