BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proves She Will Always Be There For Her Unnies—No Matter How Painful The Situation

She always puts her members first!

It’s no secret that the BLACKPINK members have an amazing friendship!  No matter what it is, they are always there for one another. Lisa once proved this in an episode of BLACKPINK House.

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While in the glamorous Koh Samui, the girls of BLACKPINK couldn’t miss the opportunity to go paragliding. While all the members wanted to paraglide, Jennie, unfortunately, gets seasick and wasn’t sure if she could partake in the activity.

The group divided into teams of two: Lisa with Jisoo and Rosé and Jennie. Both Lisa and Jisoo enjoyed their time in the air and blessed BLINKs with their adorable reactions and smiles.

Once the two returned and rejoined Rosé and Jennie, Jisoo warned Jennie, “You might not be able to ride.

According to Jisoo, the boat travels pretty far and her seasickness might kick in. Jennie ultimately decided not to paraglide, but what did this mean for Rosé? Would she have to go alone?

Luckily for Rosé, the caring Lisa went out a second time to accompany her! She too sweet! Sadly, Lisa suffered a bit by riding the boat a second time, “I’m dizzy.”

Rosé, also a sweetheart, informed Lisa she didn’t have to come along, “I can go alone,” but of course, Lisa wouldn’t leave Rosé’s side, “No, it’s okay. Who’s going to take pictures of you if you go alone?”

Aww, Lisa! Lisa literally melted the hearts of BLINKS and Rosé with her thoughtfulness. Just as she promised, Lisa took several shots of Rosé up in the air.

Once Rosé came back down, Lisa suffered from seasickness. Rosé was worried and asked, “Are you okay? and advised Lisa to look forward, “Let’s look straight ahead.”

Apparently, Lisa had already gotten seasick the first time she hopped on the boat with Jisoo. Lisa was so brave and strong to enter the boat again despite knowing she would get seasick.

The two’s friendship is literally goals and Rosé confirmed it with her lovely message to Lisa: “Hi, Lisa! We fight sometimes but I love you a lot.”

Fans are proud and praised Lisa for her kindness!

We know Lisa would do the same for all her members! The friendship among the BLACKPINK members is truly beautiful!

| BLACKPINK Summer Diary 2019 in Hawaii

Check out the sweet moment below: