BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals Her Down-To-Earth Daily Routine

It’s much more laid-back than you’d think.

Even though BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is known worldwide, she’s always shown nothing but humbleness in everything she does. When Vogue Korea asked about her daily routine, the same thing applied.

Since daily routines can change depending on the person’s life, especially as an idol, the magazine asked about the most recent one she’s been following. Lisa was completely open to sharing a bit more of herself with fans.

The first part of her daily routine was a two-step task. Like everyone else, she takes the time to wake up. She then puts her cats at the top of her list of priorities, making sure they’re fed by placing out food.

After making sure all of her cats are taken care of, Lisa can focus on herself and organizing the state of her home, “I have breakfast…clean my home.”

While the majority of people dread cleaning and put it off until it can’t be put off any longer, it’s one of the first things she does every day.

The last part of her routine was something some people would love to spend their day doing while others have the time to do so. Lisa revealed, “And, watch TV shows all day long,” as she laughed happily.

Since Jisoo mentioned working on their upcoming album, that seems to be how Lisa finishes off the rest of her routine. Oftentimes, though, the daily life of an idol is like that of an average person.

Listen to Lisa go through her simple daily routine here. Do you do some of the same things?