BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals They Were Fans Of Somi Long She Became Part Of The YG Family

Somi was surprised at how long her BLACKPINK unnies had been supporting her.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa featured on a previous episode of I Am Somi. Like the caring and experienced senior she is, she came up with the perfect solution Somi had been searching for regarding her comeback choreography.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Taps Into Her “Scary” Mentor Side To Help Somi

In a clip of unreleased footage from that meeting, Lisa revealed just how supportive BLACKPINK had felt towards Somi, even before she joined THE BLACK LABEL, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

After handing out the makgeolli she’d participated in making, Somi and Lisa chatted while eating some tasty chicken. That’s when Lisa made an unexpected confession about her group and Somi.

She revealed, “We cheered for you back then. In SIXTEEN.” Somi jumped in surprise, asking, “Really?”

Lisa explained how all the members had been heartbroken when Somi was no longer participating in the JYP Entertainment survival show that created TWICE. “Yeah, because you dropped out…”

Making a pained expression, Lisa yelled to show how upset they’d been, “Oh no!” The support touched Somi.

She then praised how well Somi had done on the show, becoming a participant that all the BLACKPINK members were keeping their eyes on. “It was really good. We were all like, ‘Oh, we really like Somi.’ Really.”

Since Somi has kicked off her solo career and is finally following her own path, she asked if they still felt the same way, “Even now?” Lisa wore a bright smile as she confirmed they did, “Even now.”

To top it off, Lisa made a heart with her hands and even winked at the camera to adorably show her love.

While it’s heartwarming to see artists under the same company supporting each other, it’s even more so when learning they’d been fans of each other years—even before BLACKPINK debuted.

See Lisa gush about how BLACKPINK were such fans of Somi before becoming a part of the YG Entertainment family.