BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals The Importance Of An Idol Group’s Center, And It Isn’t Visuals

It’s much deeper than that and far more vital.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has impressed everyone with how well she’s been mentoring the trainees on the second season of Youth With You. From her surprise dance performance to her detailed tips for helping them improve, it was as if being a mentor was in her blood.

During one of her many sessions with the trainees, Lisa gifted them with wise advice on how vital an idol group’s center is to their image.

As they practiced their cover of EXO‘s “The Eve”, Lisa set aside time to focus on the two trainees who were sharing the center. Although they’d taken her instructions on how to make their dance moves sharper, the two were still missing something.

Rather than looking like two dancers performing on the same stage, Lisa expressed what would be best: “I want you guys to be more like a team.” Since they were both in the center, it was an essential objective to work toward.

Moving her hands to emphasize her points, Lisa stated how they could reach that balance, “The center, you have to be in the middle. You have to have boyish side and sexy side. You have to make it look like one.” She then specifically voiced why it was so vital.

In most cases, an idol group’s center is the first thing that people see. Because of that, Lisa explained it was the “symbol of the group,” causing people to wonder “what style they are.”

That’s where the importance of the center comes in: “But, the center will immediately tell us the answer.” She crushed the misconception that a group’s center is simply about their physical appearance.

They have the critical role of conveying the group’s true colors, merging them together in a way that can project who they are as a group.

Since that’s a lot of pressure and a lot of effort, Lisa stated that it was the “biggest challenge.” From the way each member of BLACKPINK can show off their unique fierceness, it seems like they’ve managed to master it.

See Lisa give wise advice to the trainees and educate everyone on the hard work that idols truly put in to make their groups stand out and look like one.