BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals How The Members Cheer Each Other Up Through Tough Times

She was particularly excited to mention how spicy food plays a major role.

After dishing on the most heartwarming gift she received from her fellow BLACKPINK members to the Youth With You trainees and mentor Ella Chen, Lisa proudly spoke about how long they’ve been together.

From working hard to achieve their dream as trainees until living the life of an idol, the four girls have been a family for nearly an entire decade.

Thinking back on all those memories, she counted the years they’ve been by each other’s side, “It’s almost ten years already that we’re living together.”

Because they’ve been through it all and know how to comfort one another, Lisa spilled on how they get through the tough times, “So, like, [when] anyone feels down…” There was one thing that brought them together: food.

At the first sign of someone not feeling well, there’s nothing like a tasty meal to raise their spirits. They’ll recommend a sweet treat to make everything better, “…we’re gonna [say], like, ‘Oh, let’s go have some good food. Let’s go have a dessert.'”

There’s a particular dish that works better than others, though. While sweets will give a rush of happiness and energy, something on the opposite side of the food spectrum packed a different punch. “Or, let’s have a spicy food.”

The level of spice in the spicy dishes has the ability to focus everyone’s minds on how hot it is. That causes all the negative thoughts and worries to escape their brain. Lisa revealed, “Because, you know, when you eat spicy, your stress is gone.”

Lisa wasn’t alone in this. Fellow mentor Ella agreed with the statement of how stress-reducing it can be.

When the members of BLACKPINK are feeling stressed or unhappy, there’s nothing like sharing a sweet snack or spicy dish to clear their minds and have them regaining their happiness.

After all, they relieve stress just like everyone else does. Watch Lisa share BLACKPINK’s tips for staying on the flowery path here.