BLACKPINK’s Lisa May Be Rich AF, But She Once Returned A Camera Because It Was “Too Expensive”

Same, Lisa. Same.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a humble queen! This was clearly seen in BLACKPINK‘s interview with Twitter Blueroom after the release of their first full-length album, The Album.

The girls answered questions from fans in a comfortable sit-down format. They were asked everything from the gifts they wanted for themselves to the unique methods they use to relax.

In another portion of the interview, Lisa revealed a story about the one thing she wanted to buy but couldn’t: a camera.

I wanted to buy this camera and I ordered it.

— Lisa

Despite being an internationally renowned artist who can afford anything she touches, she held herself back, saying, “It was too expensive, so I got a refund“.

Full of amusement, Jennie responded that she didn’t need to go so far as to return her order.

You got a refund? But you’ve been working hard. You deserve it!

— Jennie

Rosé couldn’t help but ask where her pride was, and Lisa had the most realistic response.

Rosé: Lisa, where is your flex?

Lisa: But it’s too expensive.

Jennie threw the maknae under the bus by revealing that she has a surprisingly extensive camera collection.

Good for you. You know why? [Lisa] told me a while ago that she had too many cameras and she was going to sell some of them, even though they were all like new

— Jennie

Jisoo suggested that she part with some pieces in order to raise enough money buy more. Though Lisa considered it, she couldn’t part with her beloved collection at all.

I thought about it but I didn’t sell them after all.

— Lisa

She’s really just like the rest of us—sometimes a shopaholic, sometimes an anti-spender!

If you want to see more Lisa moments, check out the full video below.