BLACKPINK’s Lisa Once Proved How Selfless She Is By Helping Rosé When She Was Seasick

Lisa pushed through her pain to help Rosé!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa proved she’s a thoughtful best friend when she didn’t hesitate to accompany Rosé on her way to go parasailing.

Even after revealing she was seasick, she still insisted on going with Rosé to make sure she could have her picture taken.

Despite Rosé saying it was okay if she went alone, Lisa still decided to help her best friend.

It was her first time so I thought she would want to take pictures.

— Lisa

Lisa had already accompanied Jisoo when her seasickness began…

…but that didn’t hold her back from being there for Rosé when she needed someone!

In total, Lisa spent over two hours on the boat and wasn’t feeling good the moment she stepped onto it.

However, she fought through her dizziness in order to get the perfect shot for Rosé.

They put each other before themselves and that’s what best friends are for!