The BLACKPINK Members Are “Not Just Team Members,” According To Lisa

She describes what their relationship is really like!

The members of BLACKPINK all share a very special relationship that’s hard to find, according to Lisa!

During her solo activities, the members always did everything they could to support her and cheer for her.

Rosé suffered through the long night alongside Lisa watching her as she shot her music video.

Having your best friend on set will always cheer you up!

The members all have the same, sister-like relationship with each other that goes beyond working together. They’ve grown to love each other like family.

It’s like a family, like sisters. Not just a team member, not like a business worker.

— Lisa

She can also lean on the members for advice, whether it’s about her solo music or her fashion.

Their genuine, close-knit relationship is probably part of what makes them such a successful team!

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