BLACKPINK’s Lisa Lists Down Rosé’s Traits That She Wants To “Copy”—Here’s What They Are

We love their friendship!

BLACKPINK is now five years old! To celebrate their fifth year anniversary, they held a live broadcast on the day of their debut. They recounted many different memories—such as music video “secrets”—and revealed new facts such as the different traits they want to imitate from each other.

BLACKPINK | Naver Live

When it was Lisa’s turn, she named the positive characteristics of Rosé. She didn’t have a hard time at all, listing down several good things about her. The first was about her “high energy” and how attractive it is.

I like Chaeyoung’s high energy!

— Lisa

The members made fun of her answer because the maknae is usually the one known to have a bubbly personality. Lisa clarified that her energy is different from Rosé’s.

For me, I get louder. My voice gets louder. With Rosé, it seems like she is bouncing around.

— Lisa

Besides this, she also loves how diligent the main vocalist is when it comes to her eating habits. She always makes sure to eat full meals right on time—no matter what she has going on.

And one more thing, she never skips meals. That’s one thing about her I wanna be like. I just skip meals whenever I feel lazy, but Chaeyoung is always on schedule: breakfast, lunch, dinner. I really wanna be like that. Wherever she is at, in a car or waiting room, anywhere.

— Lisa

Lisa said that she “really wants to be like” Rosé. We love BLACKPINK’s readiness to praise each other!

Source: YouTube