BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares What It’s Like Watching “Mentor Lisa” In “Youth With You 3”

Rosé also spoke about the things Lisa says about the trainees on the show.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is both a loving and strict mentor in Youth With You 3, and Rosé recently spoke about “mentor Lisa.”


In an interview with KuWo Music, Rosé was asked if she’s watched any Chinese variety shows, and she shared that she’s currently watching Youth With You 3. Rosé also said that Lisa is the “tiger teacher” on the show!

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

When Rosé watches Lisa on Youth With You 3, she finds it amusing.

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

Rosé also shared that Lisa often contacts her and talks about the show’s trainees, saying that they are doing a great job!

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!