Here’s Why BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Such A Tough Mentor On “Youth With You”

Lisa just wanted the trainees to succeed.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was a dance mentor on Youth With You, and she made headlines due to how strict she was with the trainees on the show.

However, Lisa had a reason why she was so strict with the trainees. During one of the episodes of Youth With You, Lisa shared that she was strict with the trainees because of personal experience.

When Lisa was a trainee, she was the one in charge of dance formations and movement, and this led her to become a perfectionist, as she wouldn’t stop practicing until a dance routine was perfect.

When the trainees she was teaching told her that they practiced around six hours a day, Lisa told them that they needed to practice more.

Lisa then revealed that trainees at YG Entertainment usually practiced 12 hours every day.

However, when Lisa was a trainee, she would practice more than that, as she didn’t want to fall behind any of her fellow trainees. Lisa also wanted the trainees on Youth With You to have this mindest, as a lot of them aren’t going to be given a second chance if they fall behind.

Here’s the full video below!